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almost 2 years ago

Clarity Hack Workshop - This Thursday!

Thanks for registering! Clarity Hack officially starts tomorrowFor now, we highly recommend checking out the Clarity language documentation ( and playing with the recently launched Stacks 2.0 Testnet (   Join us on Discord ( or email if you have any questions!   Lastly, join us for the Stacks 2.0 Hackathon Series kickoff event with Clarity Hack on July 30th. Joe Bender, Blockstack Developer Evangelist, will give you an overview of the hackathon. Aaron Blankstein, Blockstack Engineering Partner will provide an example of a contract, reference Documentation, and Tutorials and be there to answer your questions. 

If you have any questions before the call, feel free to post them in our discord hackathon support thread. We look forward to seeing you at the event!

Register here: